Balloon Kenya: Introducing the August 2013 Fellows!

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Despite the Jomo Kenyatta fire, which meant delayed flights, an exhausting 15 hour bus journey from Uganda and a fair amount of confusion, our second lot of 2013 Fellows finally made it to Nakuru! An enthusiastic bunch with a real zeal to kick start the programme here they are introducing each other!


Nils on Anna……….
Anna just came from Tanzania. A trustee of a charity taking care of orphans and vulnerable children. She joined Balloon Kenya to gain the entrepreneurial mind and skill set to expand their income-generating projects for women. But really, Anna is here because continuing ‘life as usual’ in the UK is no option any more ever since she saw the poverty in Africa for the first time. Anna is a 21-year-old, has a BSc in Biology from Durham and would love to go to Columbia for her master’s. She’s got a unique sense of humour and…

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