BLOG – #BanksyNY

Whilst driving round the outskirts of Manchester on the M60 yesterday morning I passed a lorry load of Pigs with their snouts poking through the gaps in the trailer. This reminded me that I was going to do a blog on Banksy’s latest project in New York.

Banksy’s latest project ‘Better Out Than In’ has seen him take to the streets of New York and produce a new piece everyday for the month of October, much to the dismay of the NYPD.

‘New York police officers are investigating Banksy’s real identity – so they can arrest the mysterious British artist for defacing public property’

11th October saw him produce a piece called ‘Sirens of the Lambs’ in which a lorry of motorised stuffed animal took to the streets of New York in a protest against slaughtering animals.

I’ve always been amazed by his quirky art, despite it being rather controversial. I am also envious of the lady who got two original canvas’ for $60!

Check out for daily updates from the graffiti artist from Bristol.

I now really need to watch Exit Through the Gift Shop, the documentary film on Banksy!


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