Nuggets, Orange Juice and The Coffin

We again dodged traffic after arriving at the train station for our overnight train. Beth forgot her tablet so we had to run back to the hotel about 1/4 of a mile away in Bangkoks early evening humidity – sweat on. We did however manage to grab some nuggets from KFC which were greasily good and a change from noodles and broth. We eat these on the polished floor of the main station hall watching Thai Boxing on a large screen, along with a large number of Monks who sat in their own cordoned area – Monk Class possibly?

The train we boarded itself was huge, as long as the eye can see. We boarded and an enthusiastic waiter persuaded us to purchase orange juice. The song he sang is a must see! If anyone can mix it with a dub step or a bit of bass let me know! This guy will be a YouTube sensation! Thai’s Got Talent 2015, possibly? If you’re reading Cowell (I know you’re not) sign him up!

Orange Juice, Orange Juice

He later served us a meal of soup, chilli chicken and rice, red pork curry and a few chunks of pineapple for 170 baht – just over £3! He clipped in our table and dressed it with a tartan table cloth. 

The amenities on board were fairly basic – a whole the diameter of a pint glass to aim for. The exit was rather difficult also as you try and navigate a route out of the confined space avoiding other people’s missed attempts!  

The group are bonding well we have a diverse range of backgrounds. Trainee US and German Naval Officers, a Nurse, an Air Traffic Controller, a Speech Therapist, an investment banker, just to name a few professions. They are from all over the world too – Kat our tour leader is Thai, a couple from New Zealand, America and the Brits too. 

The speed in which the man made the bed up was impressive. He can make my bed at home any day. The two seats folded down to make a lower bunk and the top bunk folded down from the roof, pretty neat. 

So I’m currently in my coffin, it’s six foot long and about three foot high and sways over every piece of track. Unfortunately they don’t turn the carriage lights off, so it’s well lit. It’s not too bad though the beds comfy, just noisy. Apologies if I’ve switched from past to present tense, I won’t be able to publish this until tomorrow when I find a wifi connection. 

      On another note – how cool are my Elephant Pants?! 


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