ParkRun, Melton Running Club and Guide Running for the Blind

My local gym has been getting its money’s worth over the last month, as I’ve traded the four walls of the gym for the great outdoors.

I’ve joined the Melton Running Club jumping on their ‘couch to 5km’ programme with the aim of getting beginners up to 3 miles non stop. My starting level of fitness helped and I’m shaving time off my distance each week.

I’ve also started to do the ‘ParkRun’ which is an incentive nationwide to get people to put on their trainers and get outdoors. Across the country at 9am at lots of parks you can do a timed 5km for free. You use a bar code which you print off their website and scan it at the finish time and by the time you’re out of the shower your time is in your email inbox. I’ve been joining around 100 runners at Melton Country Park each week.

This week they were trialling the ‘line run’ the brainchild of a local sports coach and some PhD student. The ‘line’ is a 100m long and has been invented to encourage visually impaired youngsters to build confidence in running. I donned a blind fold and had a go at holding the line and running full pelt which was rather scary! I previously took a car around Donnington Race track blindfolded to raise money for the Guide Dogs charity so it was nice to try something different which benefits those who cannot see too well!

I got speaking to the team who were working on the line and we spoke about somebody I knew that was visually impaired who has taken up running. I have now signed up to be a ‘Guide Runner’. You get paired with someone of a similar running level and use a leash round each other’s hands (well that’s what they called it) and guide them around the track. I’ve signed up for a Sight Loss Awareness & Guide Running Workshop in October. It’s something I’m looking forward too, helping someone enjoy running and motivating each other to run faster!


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