BLOG – GoApe Sherwood Pines

What activity brings out your inner adrenaline junkie?⁣⁣

On Saturday Beth and I took to the forests for an adrenaline packed morning with the tribe at GoApe Sherwood to release our inner Tarzan’s (or Janes in Beth’s case)! ⁣⁣

Trust us to pick the hottest day of the year so far! Total sweat on! ⁣⁣

GoApe had teamed up with Visit Nottinghamshire and we were lucky enough to be invited to take on the TreeTop Challenge! Nestled deep in Sherwood Forest sits a whole host of obstacles and challenges strung between the trees of the densely populated sea of pine trees.⁣ ⁣

The TreeTop Challenge is set over 5 stages around the forest. Most stages have an easy or harder option depending on how brave you are feeling! We went for a mix of both! ⁣⁣

To cross the stage you have to face a number of different obstacles from wobbling bridges, tight ropes, Tarzan swings and zip wires. You are of course always connected to a safety wire and harnessed up, don’t worry!⁣⁣

The Challenge reaches heights of 9m with each stage finishing with a Zip Line, with the longest being 140m!⁣⁣

GoApe describe the Challenge as the ‘Goliath’ of their high rope adventures. That will test your nerve and head for heights. ⁣⁣

There are over 30 GoApes in the UK dotted all over the country. Head to their website to find your nearest. ⁣⁣

If high ropes aren’t for you they offer a junior version of the challenge, Segway experiences and Sherwood also has a ‘Nets Adventure’ too. ⁣⁣

Thanks for a great morning! We will definitely have to tick off a few more GoApe Adventures on our travels 🐵 It really shows you don’t have to venture far to have a great time!⁣


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