BLOG – Top Instagram and Photography Spots in Nottingham

There is so much more to Nottingham than Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

Tucked into the middle of the United Kingdom, the city offers a vibrant music scene, an array of quirky bars, shops, cafes, giving you plenty to point a camera at. 

You’ll find a castle, the oldest pub in the country, hidden lanes and even a statue of the great outlaw himself.

The city is easily accessible being twenty minutes of the motorway and has a regular train service to London St Pancras. 

Being a resident of this fantastic city here are a few of my favourite spots:

Wollaton Park

From one outlaw to another. Wollaton appeared in the Batman film The Dark Knight back in 2008, with the Elizabethan Mansion appearing as Batmans fictional home, Wayne Manor.

Another fun fact with a Batman link is the village of Gotham, located about fifteen minutes from the city. Getting a photo by the village sign is a must for any comic fan!

The house itself sits high on a hill, set in 500 acres of rolling parkland and overlooks woodland and a large lake. The park is also home to 200 deer, who freely roam the estate.

Postcode: NG8 2AE

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

Said to be the oldest pub in the country, Ye Olde Trip is built into the rockface directly below Nottingham Castle. If you’re lucky you may even see Robin Hood having a pint on his lunch break, as we once did!

A known pit stop of Knights the part cave, part ramshackle building is believed to have been on the site since 1189.

Postcode: NG1 6AD

Market Square

All roads lead to the Market Square, the central hub of the city, home to the cities Council House and it’s 200 ft tall dome, which is a real centrepiece of the cities skyline.

The Council House opened in 1929, with the dome housing ‘Little John’, the bell that strikes once an hour, which weighs over 10 tonnes and can be heard up to seven miles away. 

The building is constructed of Portland Stone, which is the same stone that was used in the construction of St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Post Code: NG1 2DT

Highfields Park

21 acres of parkland runs adjacent to Nottingham University, with the parks boating lake allowing you to capture incredible reflections of the Universities Trent Building in its waters.

The park is also home to stepping stones across the water and a small waterfall. Grab your camera, hire a rowing boat, but just be careful not to fall in.

Post Code: NG7 2RD

Arkwright Building

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Nottingham Trent Universities Arkwright Building definitely has some Hogwarts vibes to it, grab your wand, cloak, tripod and strike a pose!

The Grade II listed building has an elaborate Gothic design of gables, arches and pinnacles and was once the learning space for author DH Lawrence.

Post Code: NG1 4GG

Prudential Assurance Building

What do The Natural History Museum and the Prudential Assurance Building have in common? They were both designed by Alfred Waterhouse, that’s right, this stunning piece of architecture on the edge of the Market Square shares the same Architect as the great museum in London.

The Prudential Building is now home to the cocktail chain Alchemist, so if you want to finish off your Harry Potter inspired shoot from the Arkwright Building swing by here for a magical smoking cocktail!

Post Code: NG1 2AY


6 thoughts on “BLOG – Top Instagram and Photography Spots in Nottingham”

  1. I’m lucky enough to live next door to Wollaton Park and also within walking/biking distance of Highfields. Two beautiful places that will always be special to me ❤️ Thanks for sharing!

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