Khao Sok National Park

The top bunk on the sleeper train was definitely the short straw. The lights remained on and there was a large gap in the curtains at the top – bad times for when you’re trying to sleep.

The train arrived at Surat Thani at 07:30 and we disembarked into a small coffee shop for a light breakfast.

We then boarded a bus which had been time warped from the 60s, it did however have an aux lead so DJ Garlick stepped up and dropped his 2014 playlist, which went down a treat.

Khao Sok was about an hours drive from the station and was a picturesque landscape of lakes backed by mountains covered in lush green foliage.

    We donned our life jackets and took a long boat out to the main area of the lake, getting soaked as the boat broke the waves. The scenery was very Roger Moore in The Man with the Golden Gun and similar to that seen in Ha Long Bay

Diving into the warm fresh water was blissful as the boat moored to let us take a dip. The driver stopped near to three rocks which he said appeared in a lot of movies, Thai movies that is.

Lunch was served in a floating raft house and consisted of soups, rice, salads and the poor fellow below. Despite his sorry looking, deep fried and crispy appearance he tasted great, possibly due to the fresh water he had been caught in that morning.

An opportunity to Kayak followed with the Thai rum and coke flowing. We opted to relax and swim by the raft house, enjoying a 6 meter dive from a homemade platform.

       Thunder could be heard echoing through the park as we departed the raft house and the change in weather was reflected in the waves that crashed into our boat and drenched us #dripping. A group which attempted to leave around half an hour after had to turn back and shelter at the raft house overnight, I’m sure that will have affected their tour schedule heavily!

After ringing ourself our we headed for the Koh Samui ferry, catching the 18:00 crossing. The setting for the hour and a half crossing was beautiful with the sun setting over the Gulf of Thailand.