Sheffield Hallam Union Student of the Year

Wow, it’s mid May already! Where has the beginning of 2014 gone?

Apologies for the lack of blogs, I’ve had a busy few months at University, starting with a 60 page fundamental analysis of Sainsbury’s last five years of Annual Reports and Accounts, which was not as tedious as it sounds!

Essays, exams, campaigning for my housemate who ran for student elections  and job hunting sums up the first few months of the year and to quote Mrs Brown’s Boys ‘the wheelie bin has been out more times than I have’.

I was shortlisted for Sheffield Business Schools Inspiration Student Award, but narrowly missed out. Last Tuesday I was invited to the Students Union for their Annual Student Awards ceremony as I was nominated for the ‘Student of the Year’ category. I was up against two really strong assets to the University and it was a great surprise when my name got called out!

I was nominated for inspiring and motivating student throughout the University and it’s a really nice way to round of four years at University.

Hopefully some exciting news soon and maybe some travelling over the summer.

2 exams down and 2 to go, with Paolo Nutini in the middle of them – someone I’ve wanted to see for a while.







Sheffield Hallam University Marketing Campaign

Following my presentation at the Universities ‘Global Graduates’ event in October I was approached by the Universities Marketing Department to ask if I was willing to get involved in their next marketing campaign.

The University had selected two students, myself and Jijing Li, who is currently an intern at the Business School to front their new campaign.

In early November I was invited to the new Employability Center at the University for a photo shoot and a couple of hundred photos and a muscle spasm in my cheek the campaign was released in late November.


I am now haunted by this image on every computer screen in the University, as it is set as one of the rolling screen savers and it can also be found on the opening page of the Universities intranet.


At a similar time 300 of the Balloon Kenya posters and 5000 fliers were produced, so I have been receiving a fair amount of stick from my friends at University. The Balloon Kenya funding from Hallam Union was heavily applied for from students and the assessments shall start next month.

It was an honour to be asked to get involved as there are 37,000 at Sheffield Hallam.