BLOG – Balloon Kenya: The Penultimate Week – ‘1, 2, 3 Testing, Testing’

So we’re just finishing the penultimate week, how time flies! We are currently in the final stages of our testing, finding out whether there is a demand for the area that our students want to delve into if they are given a loan. I’ve been struggling to find time to hit the keyboard and write a blog.


Each of my eleven Entrepreneurs has received four class room lessons which have been supported by individual meetings with myself and either Luke or Hannah, depending on which group I’m working with. Many hours have been spent drinking coffee deliberating over business plans or out on the street talking to people to see what people want and what competition exists.

The two groups I am working with are called CityNaks, who are based in the Freehold area of Nakuru and Hope and Vision Youth, who are in the heart of the city. I have been impressed by all of the members and have put some of them forward to become ‘Master Trainers’ which will see them teach the Balloon syllabus to fellow Kenyans in January – similar to what I have been working on with them.


So from fruit barrows to recording studios, motorbikes to shoe sellers my time in Kenya is nearly up. There’s a lot of work to cram into the next nine days before my flight back to the UK, with my groups concluding their testing and research before their pitches next Friday and Saturday.

Hopefully some of them will be invested in! However many have said that even if they do not receive their investment they feel they will be able to improve their business due to the training they have received from myself, Hannah and Luke, which is really nice to hear. I have already been asked four times today about the next time I shall be visiting Kenya.